My Little Beginning, how we Started, where we are today!!!!!!!!

My parents are my greatest inspiration. It has always been their delight to encourage, support and sponsor family, relatives and others to any level of education they desire to attain.

I grew up watching my parentís give so much, that giving became a lifestyle to me. I therefore started my charity activities as a teenager when I gave out my motherís jewelries to her friends that I felt had non. I also gave out my clothes to my village friends who dressed very shabbily, especially to church, because I feel very uncomfortable and unhappy whenever I looked very different from them. Since at that stage I was not in control of my choices, I often got punished or scolded for those actions.

I started my community service by been a volunteer with an NGO - Positive Development Foundation, saddled with the responsibility of supporting vulnerable families in Cross River State. This provided me with the required skills to run my vision and also brought me in close contact with very poor and vulnerable families. My charity activity took a different dimension in December 2005 when, I developed my vision, set my goals and subsequently established a Non Profit Organization to help meet the needs of the voiceless in the society.

We started by providing foodstuffs for slum dwellers in Calabar South, with support from some corporate bodies and individuals. We have since grown into solving divers problems for over 35 communities across Nigeria in the area of Health, Education, Leadership/mentorship training , Economic Empowerment for rural Women/Youth ,Promoting Community sanitation, Feeding programs, Shelter/Clothes Distribution, to name a few. We have touched more than 15,000 lives especially women and children within our areas of operation. These includes: Cross River, Benue, Nasarawa, Ebonyi States and FCT Abuja. We hope to expand our spread other places as our resources grow.

ENENE NSED AKONJOM, is a development advocate with a Bsc Degree in Accountancy from the University of Calabar. She possesses more than 10 years experience in human development matters.

Enene has been dubbed by her numerous admirers as Mama Africa, she has evolved to become a phenomenon in this our modern world of selfishness and lack of love due to selfish struggles to make a living. Her passion for the lessĖprivileged, orphans/vulnerable children and women in need of an outlet to reclaim their lost lives started fully in 2005 havenít volunteered for a Non Profit organization call Positive Development Foundation (PDF) in Calabar, Cross River State, a body that has transform the lives of many in the state and also in her capacity provided nutritional support, clothingís, medical support, educational support and toiletries to vulnerable families in Calabar south Local Government Area. She has also worked with POSAG Consulting, an Accounting firm, as well several community based organizations like Vanessa Manyor Memorial Foundation. She is presently working in Federal University Ndufu Alike, Ikwo Ebonyi state practicing her accounting profession.

Her expertise includes project Management and Implementation, Fundraising, Documentation, Communication, Advocacy, Networking and Partnership.

She is an advocate for the less privileged groups, speaking on behalf of the poor in more than 15 communities in Nigeria and has touched more than 20,000 lives including women and children. Having been empowered with skills on Entrepreneurial Development, she is helping community women and also assist them acquire relevant trainings and skills for self employment. She facilitates the NYSC/MDGs Advocacy Re-orientation project, which leads to behavioral change of Nigerian Youth for sustainable development.

Her Advocacy program has given birth to life saving programs and projects in several communities. She is skilled in local fund raising technology and communication, including multiple social media outlet like Facebook, Twitter, Wassap etc. Her focus is to cooperate with like minded partners with the ultimate intention of extending her passion to reach the target group in all the local government areas around the country,(and beyond even our shores).

World Aids Day
She is a volunteer, who has selflessly given all of herself to volunteerism and to helping others become happy, wanted and loved. Below is some of what she has done;

    • Assisted NPC Lafia, NASARAWA STATE  to conduct free birth registration for 600 pupils in 4 communities Marmara, Nahuche, Gunk and Shamage all in Nasarawa L.G.A families now know the importance of owning a birth certificate and the complain of having to pay for indigene form at the rate of 1500 for children above 18year is reduced.
    • Supported General Hospital Nasarawa conduct free HIV counseling and testing exercise and also celebrated the First World Aids celebration in Marmara  the villages in Nasarawa. Personally Tested 539 people were 28 tested positive and were referred to General Hospital Nasarawa Local Government Area facility for follow-up treatment.
    • Positive Development Foundation: Supported in indentifying  orphans and vulnerable children, book keeping and distribution of  educational essential across the villages of Cross River State.
    • Distribution of food and clothing including psychosocial support
    • NYSC MDGS Re-orientation Projects.

          • Solved water scarcity problem through supplying of water for 3 months to a community to ease their plight and this gave birth to a borehole serving over 1000 people in shamage community in  Nasarawa  Local Government Area.
          • Distributed long lasting treated net to pregnant women to prevent malaria, Malaria patient reduced after the intervention.
          • Donation of medical drugs to prevent water borne diseases, diahioarr typhoid, malaria and other diseases. 
          • Created awareness on MDGs across 5 Communities in Nasarawa State.
          •  Donated 3 seater Desk to primary schools Marmara, Gunki and Shamage all Nasarawa Local Government Area which use to have its pupils sitting on the floor. The project benefited 180 children.
          • Encourage children to develop reading skills through the donation of text books of different subject and also the establishment of a library serving over 450 student in GSS Marmara School where she met only about 10 text books.
          • Donation of writing material to less privileged pupils.
          • Donation of bags as an incentive  to encourage pupils go to school
          • Distribution of medical supplies like drugs and equipment to Primary Health Care clinic in 4 community health centers equipment lacking facilities.
          • Introduction of community environmental sanitation and a lot more on the MDGs.
          • Assisting community small scale business women and youth form  associations to attract  soft loans, like cooperative societies etc, the project benefited  186 women and men .There are now  empowered through the loan scheme with support from Nasarawa Micro Finance bank.
          •  Volunteered in carrying out advocacy and mobilizing  people for  free counseling and testing  of HIV on World AIDS day 2012 IN New Nyaya Nasarawa state Institute of Human virology-with
          • Volunteered to distribute condoms and also conduct VCT with Garki Hospital Abuja.
          • Volunteered in conducting community sanitation at Mabushi Community, FCT Abuja and also  distributed raw food items to vulnerable families. Community members now appreciate the need to live in a clean community.
          • Volunteered to rehabilitate the Nigeria police command, Mabuchi FCT, to support the security situation in the country command through   resource mobilization and advocacy.
          • Vanessa Manyor memorial Foundation
          • Volunteer to assist Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, supply Hospital Equipment, Distribution ford stuffs, supervised her building projects of her pet projects during her reign as queen.
          •   Volunteered in mobilizing community Widow who were eventually empowered through small scale business.
          •  Volunteered to conduct Need Assessment at every stage of the project and in all the Queen’s project sites across the country.
          • Volunteered as a Technical  adviser to the Queen to enable her achieve the set goals of her initiative.
          • Volunteered to mobilize Widow in Benue state for food distribution and People living with HIV/AIDs for condom to prevent re-infection etc.
          • Volunteered in training IT student on Hotel Management and Basic Hygiene at Cenpard  NGO Lafia Nasarawa State , Nigeria .


      • In partnership with the Nigeria police, FCT command to mobilizing resource for the rehabilitation of a police post to support the security situation in that area.
      • Vanessa Manyor memorial Foundation
      • Volunteer to  supply Hospital Equipment, Distribution ford stuffs, volunteered to supervised building projects of the foundation, volunteered to mobilized community Widow who were eventually empowered through small scale business, Volunteered to conduct Need Assessment at every stage of the project and in all her project sites across the country VOLUNTEERED AS A TECHNICAL ADVISER.
      • Volunteered to mobilize Widow in Benue state for food distribution and People living with HIV for condom distribution to prevent re-infection.
      • CENPARD  NGO LAFIA NASARAWA STATE -Train student on  Hotel management and Hygiene.
      • Founding of Enene Akonjom Foundation
      • Practically implementing the MDGS in FCT, Nasarawa Benue and Cross River State.


      She is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards, the latest being the International Volunteers Award, December 2012
      Bolstered by such a life rewarding experience, NYSC/MDGs provided her with a product to effect the much desired change in our jaundiced polity. The awards and plaudits she received from her service year 2010-2011 batch B session is a manifest of her enduring legacy. She has received other notable awards from being;

          • The Youth Corps Member of the century award by the District head of Maramara community, Nasarawa local government area. A merit award issued by Nasarawa local government council in recognition of her being the best selfless serving batch B corps member of the year 2010.
          • National youth service state award presented by His Excellency the executive governor of Nasarawa state Alh.Tanko Al-Makura for outstanding performance in the discharge of duties during the period of National youth service in the state.
          • NYSC-MDGs Advocacy project state award as the Best corps Volunteer for the NYSC - MDGs Advocacy project in Nasararawa
          • Awards of Best corps Advocate of the MDGs (family and community life re-orientation ) Nationwide
          • International Volunteers’ Award

      With a huge expanse of knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounting, Marketing and human development, Enene Nsed Akonjom‘s talent as a community advocate, volunteer and entrepreneur have proved invaluable to every organization, or  project in the cause of which she has been involved.
      She bagged a 2nd class Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the University of Calabar. Presently, she is making plans to study community development at the post graduate level to further furnish her with the necessary skills to take on the world.
        She hails from Nde 3 corners, Ikom in Cross River State, Nigeria. She is the 7th of 9 children born to Hon. & Rev. Dr Mrs. K.A.N Akonjom.


          • NYSC-MDGS Advocacy project
          • Positive Development Foundation
          • Office of the First Lady Nasarawa State
          • Vanessa Manyor memorial Foundation
          • Office of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2012
          • National population Commission Lafia, Nasarawa State
          • Nasarawa Microfinance Bank Nasarawa L.G.A
          • General hospital  Nasarawa 
          • Garki Hospital Abuja
          • Institute  of human virology Abuja, Nigeria
          • Ministry of Women Affairs Nasarawa State
          • Mabushi community sanitation group FCT Abuja.
          • Rehabilitation of a police post in FCT Police command (still on-going).
          • Community life development initiative.
          • Hand of Mercy international (FAITH BASED ORG.) etc.
          • Desild Consult
          • Ceejek Nigeria Limited
          • Inspire Caffee
          • Cadbury Bournvita
          • Tummy Tummy Instant Noodles.
          • Abakaliki Golf Club


        Phone: +234-803-535-7171
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